Watching on Wednesday #1

I know, I know, I just ripped off “Waiting on Wednesday”, but I couldn’t decide on a title, so I went with the obvious. If you can come up with something better, I’d love to hear it. I have “What are you Watching Wednesday” or “Wednesday Watching” or “It’s Wednesday! What are you watching?” (JK) rolling around in my head, but I don’t know what to call this thing that may or may not turn into a weekly thing.

The point of Watching on Wednesday is to talk about our current TV/Movie obsessions, be they out now or coming soon or a throwback. I figure there are plenty of book features like this, so why not have one for TV and Movies?

This week, my watching obsession is: Daredevil

No, not the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner version. The gritty new Netflix series that showed up this month with little to no fanfare. It’s super violent, so just a warning for the squeamish among us, but otherwise, it’s an awesome new superhero show, on the darker side of CW’s Arrow. So far there’s no nudity/sex (might change later) and while there’s language, it’s not so frequent that it’s all you hear. As far as I can tell, the TV-MA rating is because of the violence.

Charlie Cox (whom I have loved since Stardust) plays Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer by day, (still blind) crime fighting vigilante by night. I love that he’s so different from the normal superheroes (Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropists), and he’s a very likable character. It does seem pretty ridiculous that he could fight the wiliest ninja without being able to see, but hey, this is a superhero show, so what are you doing here if you can’t suspend your disbelief? The rest of the good guys are very likable, and there’s even a budding romance that has developed in an interesting manner.

Creepy mob/mafia villains who are NOT afraid to get their hands dirty (and by dirty I mean bloody) and one blind superhero with superhuman senses and ninja skills? Lets hope this one sticks around.


  1. Ichabod Temperance says:

    Hi Jessica.
    I love the Daredevil series!
    The storylines are fast and tight, yet unhurried.
    The pacing and casting are perfect.
    The fight scenes are far and away, the best I have ever seen.
    I usually do not like shows that are too dark or gritty. I was looking forward to Daredevil, but I was worried that it would be too brutal. I think the producers have shown a lot of restraint. This show pushes the violence and blood up to a critical level, without going too far. It could easily be a lot gloomier and gruesome. Instead, the show chooses to be charming and accessible. I am not sure that Arrow still has as much charm as it did when it started, and the the hyper-violent, gruesome content, for no reason other than shock value of ‘Gotham’, makes it inaccessible to many viewers.
    Cheers, Jessica!
    Your pal,
    ~Icky. 🙂
    I foresee the hallway fight scene in episode three as going down as a legendary classic. For years to come, people will refer to the famous ‘Hallway Fight’ in Daredevil.

  2. Jessica says:

    So good right? I’m with you on the dark and gritty stuff, and while I would say it’s more violent than most things I watch, I would agree they could have gone much darker, especially since they’re distributing it through Netflix. I love Arrow, though I’m not all caught up, and I have yet to see Gotham though I’m interested.

    AND YES That hallway scene was awesome! I watched that episode again and I realized it was all one take! Insane.
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