Watching on Wednesday #2: Alias

My Current Watching Obsession: Alias

This is not my first time watching Alias. I was too young to watch it when it first came on, but a few years later, I discovered it, learned that Sydney and Vaughn are the best couple in the whole world, and now every once in a while I go back and rewatch the whole thing.

This is a great show for people who love movies like Mission Impossible. Jennifer Garner does a really great job leading the cast of very likable characters as they take down terrorists and bad guys one top secret mission at a time. And of course, Syd and Vaughn have one of the most epic romances. I love the story lines that follow Sydney and her mother and father. I think the familial tension is one of the best conflicts in the show. In addition to all that, the search for Rambaldi artifacts and the purpose behind them adds an interesting, almost supernatural layer to the regular CIA plot lines. There’s tons of action, the occasional crazy heist, and the always satisfying bringing bad guys to justice.

I imagine that playing Sydney Bristow was very fun for Jennifer Garner, seeing as she gets to dress up in a different disguise every episode.

Content warning: this show is very violent, and there’s frequent torture, or references/threat of torture.

Have you seen Alias? How much do you love Syd and Vaughn?

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