TV Tuesday Recap: Reign

Thanks to Lauren for recommending Reign!

So I watched most of the first season when it was airing last year; I sort of keep up with the major plot points of the current season, but I don’t really make time to watch it (though when I do I usually enjoy it). It was fun to go back and watch the pilot again.

If you’re looking for the kind of show that has historical accuracy that you might find on BBC, Reign is not for you. I don’t know how accurate the actual plot is, but the costumes, the music, and the script are all very modern. All of the characters are CW pretty and, as my brother said, when you first see Mary and her ladies in waiting, the scene is very “senior year is going to be the best year ever!”. The wedding party is very prom-esque. Is the episode fun and romantic? Sure. Did I enjoy the music? Absolutely. But historically accurate? H-E-L-L no.

Mary, the Scottish Queen, has been engaged to Francis, the crown prince of France, since they were both children, and at the beginning of the episode, Mary arrives at the French Court, with her four ladies in waiting. She quickly learns that she has few friends in the French Court, and that the King and Queen are more than happy to make her uncomfortable, and even to make an attempt on her life. Francis and Bash (Francis’ half brother) both find Mary intriguing and gorgeous (the beginning of a *groan* love triangle). As this is the CW, romance reigns supreme (see what I did there?) and many of the storylines on this show are romance based, though later on there are more political plots. There’s a bit of supernatural hocus pocus with Nostradamus and visions he has about Mary and Francis, along with the mysterious people who live in the woods. So lots to keep the viewer engaged.

If you were a fan of the Anne of Green Gables movies, you’ll be happy to see Megan Follows playing the wily Queen Catherine, who causes all sorts of problems for Mary. The acting on the show is nothing to write home about, but it’s all generally decent. Like I said earlier, the cast is full of gorgeous people, and while yes, the costumes are a bit ridiculous and inaccurate, they’re all beautiful and fun.

Conclusion: If you generally like CW drama, you’ll probably enjoy Reign.

Will I keep watching? Since I’ve seen most of season one and I kind of sort of keep up with season 2, I would say that’s a safe “yes”. Besides, I’m a hopeless romantic, and this show is almost nothing but romance.


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